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Upcoming Events

 Großes Physikalisches Kolloquium
May 31, 16:30
Dominik A. Riechers, I. Physikalisches Institut, Universitaet zu Koeln
Charting the Evolution of Galaxies through 13 Billion Years of Cosmic History
Contact Person: Stefan Schlemmer | ical | show abstract
 Theorie Kolloquium
June 10, 16:30
Seminar Room 0.03, ETP
Simone Montangero, Padua
Contact Person: Matteo Rizzi | ical
 SFB 1238
June 15, 16:00
room 0.03
Saquib Shamin/ University of Würzburg
Kondo interactions of quantum spin Hall edge channels with charge puddles
Contact Person: Erwann Boquillon | ical | show abstract
 Großes Physikalisches Kolloquium
June 21, 16:30
Dirk Witthaut, Forschungszentrum Julich and Institute for Theoretical Physics
Statistical Physics for a Sustainable and Secure Energy Systems
Contact Person: Joachim Krug | ical | show abstract
 QM2 - Quantum Matter and Materials
June 22, 16:00
Raum 0.03
Prof. Jani Kotakoski
Elektronenmikroskopie von 2D Materialien
Contact Person: Thomas Michely | ical
 Großes Physikalisches Kolloquium
June 28, 16:30
Nele Callebaut, Institute for Theoretical Physics
Emergent gravity from conformal field theory
Contact Person: Martin Zirnbauer | ical | show abstract
 SFB 1238
June 29, 14:30
Seminar Room of the Institute of Physics II
Hamoon Hedayat & Michael Buchhold
Open discussion: nonthermal states of matter
Contact Person: Hamoon Hedayat | ical
 SFB 1238
July 06, 16:00
room 0.03
Alexander Grüneis & Wouter Jolie
2D Materialien
Contact Person: Wouter Jolie | ical
 SFB 1238
July 13, 16:00
room 0.03
Oliver Breunig & Erwann Bocquillon
Topical Discussion: Topological Devices
Contact Person: Oliver Breunig | ical