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 SFB 1238
July 15, 14:30
Zoom ( )
Andreas Rost, University of St. Andrews
Developments in Topological Semimetals: Creating and Controlling Weyl Fermions and the Quasiparticle Dynamics of a Dirac Line Node material
Contact Person: Henry Legg | ical
 Theorie Kolloquium
July 17, 16:30
Online via Zoom
Karin Everschor-Sitte, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Magnetic whirls for unconventional computing
Contact Person: S. Diehl | ical | show abstract
 SFB 1238
July 22, 14:30
Zoom ( )
Matthias Roessler, PH2
Journal Club: Superconductivity in top-down fabricated topological insulator nanowires
Contact Person: Ciaran Hickey | ical